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Immigration Legal Consultation & Guidance

  • A legal consultation with an experienced immigration attorney is the first step to determining the best pathway forward.

  • At the consultation, the attorney will ask individual background questions to identify available options.

  • It is important that a prospective client attend the consultation themselves to ensure that information discussed is accurate and to protect confidentiality.

  • If a prospective client has any immigration documents or paperwork, it is important to bring them to the consultation.

  • Once an assessment has been made, the attorney will discuss next steps toward achieving immigration goals and allow time for questions.

  • Consultations are informational, both for the prospective client to better understand options, as well as for the attorney to assess eligibility for immigration benefits.

  • A consultation alone does not establish ongoing representation. However, the attorney will provide the prospective client with information on ways to proceed and may offer continued representation.

  • Immigration legal consultations are available in-person or by Zoom.

Office Consultation

Zoom Consultation

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