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Law Office of Matthew Weisner

Navigating Immigration

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Discover the Law Office of Matthew Weisner, where experience and compassionate service come together to provide you with high quality legal representation. Put your trust in us to guide you through the complexities of immigration law.



The Law Office of Matthew Weisner represents adults, children, and families from Santa Cruz to Watsonville and throughout the Monterey Bay Area and Central Coast in a range of family-based, humanitarian, and removal defense immigration legal cases. With over ten years of experience, Matthew knows the complexities of U.S. immigration law and stays up to date on ethical practices and new legal developments. Matthew treats his clients with respect, compassion, and responsiveness as they navigate the choppy waters of immigration law. Matthew brings a goal-oriented approach to advancing the unique interests of each client. Immigration law often involves working with U.S. government agencies that are impacted by delays and backlogs. Matthew communicates directly with clients about their options and sets expectations while working constructively toward their goals. An attorney earns the trust of clients through strong legal advocacy. Whether representing a client in a green card application or before an immigration judge in removal proceedings, Matthew fights for his clients with expertise and professionalism. Matthew’s mission is to help clients find safe harbor through resolution of their immigration cases to achieve safety, stability, self-sufficiency, and family-unity.

Advocating for the American Dream

Meet Matthew Weisner

The grandchild of refugees, Matthew Weisner is an attorney dedicated to defending the rights of immigrants, families, youth, and marginalized members of our community.

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Schedule a Consultation

A consultation is the first step in evaluating an immigration case. This initial appointment includes goal setting, legal screening, review of available options, and time for questions and answers. A consultation may lead to follow-up research or background checks. Consultation appointments may be booked days or weeks in advance. See the "Consultation Booking" page for more details.

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